Last Man Standing Coop Mod - A Doom 3 Modification
Official Manual for LMS
Copyright 2005 Last Man Standing Team

Authored by MercyKiller and Calimer and made pretty by BurN.

A Note of Introduction:
Thank you for downloading our mod. We really hope you enjoy it :) See you on the servers! Take care.


1. Before You Play - Installation
1.1 Windows
1.2 Linux
1.3 Macintosh
2. Kicking Ass 101 - Gametypes
2.1 LMS Mod
2.2 LMS Maps
A. Killfest
B. Progression 
C. Defense 
D. Hardcore and Respawn Modes 
2.3 SP Coop
2.4 ROE Coop
3. Beer and Shotguns - Weapons
4. Proving Grounds - Levels
5. Cooperative Multiplayer
5.1 Overview
5.2 Performance Suggestions
5.3 Server Setup
A. Listen Server
B. Dedicated Server
C. Options and Console Commands
D. Playing SP maps in Coop
E. Scoring
6. Gameplay Adjustments
7. Contact
8. Legal

1. Before You Play - Installation

Installing LMS is fairly straightforward. Like most mods, LMS must be installed to the root Doom3 directory.

1.1 Windows:
Windows users can install LMS in two ways: using an executable installer, or through the multi-platform zip file.
To use the executable installer, click on the file and install lms to your doom3 directory. To install the mod using the zip file, extract the contents to your root Doom3 directory (not the base directory!) and you're ready to go.

1.2 Linux:
Extract the zip to your root Doom3 directory and you're ready to go. (not your base directory, your doom3 directory)

1.3 Macintosh:
Run the installation shell script after downloading the macOS installer. It should perform the installation automatically. To install the mod using the zip file, extract the contents to your root Doom3 directory (not the base directory!) and you're ready to go.

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2. Kicking Ass 101 - Gametypes

2.1 LMS Mod
LMS Mod encompasses all of our custom maps into one convenient gametype. Killfest, progression, and defense maps are all played through this gametype. To play LMS Mod maps, either use the single player menu after launching LMS, or join a server running LMS Mod.

2.2 LMS Maps

A. Killfest:
The basic premise behind killfest is to outlast and to outscore the other players. There are no base areas here, no progression between level segments - killfest maps usually take place in one area where you try to survive against attacking monsters for as long as possible. Examples are Kaiser's Human Disposal and MercyKiller's Chambers of Misery.

B. Progressive:
Progression maps are more traditionally styled levels with some goal or mission to the map. Generally, the player is moving around different segmented areas of the map. Examples are Timbobsteve's Hangar and Kaiser's Omega Anomaly.

C. Defense:
Defense maps are centered around a base area or npc that the players must defend against waves of attacking monsters. Examples of this gametype are Calimer's Radio Tower and Kaiser's Onslaught.

D. Hardcore and Respawn Modes:
There are currently two modes of the basic gametype. Players in hardcore mode cannot respawn after death, and are forced into spectator mode until everyone else dies or the round ends. This encourages players to be more careful - this also adds the competitive aspect of who will be the last man standing when the dust clears. Players in respawn mode can respawn - this mode is good for constant fast paced action. Normally a penalty is set for dying.

2.3 SP Coop
SP Coop is the gametype used to play Doom3's single player levels cooperatively. Both hardcore and respawn modes can be used, but none of the custom weapons nor infared are accessable while playing SP Coop.

2.4 ROE Coop
ROE Coop is the gametype used to play RoE's single player levels cooperatively. Both hardcore and respawn modes can be used, but none of the custom weapons nor infared are accessable while playing RoE Coop.

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3. Beer and Shotguns - Weapons

Four entirely new weapons have been included for soothing your itching trigger finger along with a slew of enhancements to existing weapons.

The world's best home defense weapon has been overhauled - it now has a slightly longer reach, allowing the brave (or stupid) wielder to attack low-to-the-ground monsters more effectively. The damage has also been increased to make the chainsaw a more attractive weapon.

The previously pathetic pistol has experienced a severe upgrade at the hands of B33Rman. Now sporting three shot burst fire, the pistol is actually a good choice against stronger lone enemies or groups of weak ones.

Double Barreled Shotgun:
The db shotty is back and ready to kick ass. With an insane amount of power, this baby can make gibs out of the most massive demons in seconds. The catch? A slow firing rate. This weapon replaces the original shotgun.

With a massive belt and insane rate of fire, no other weapon packs the sheer mow down power of the chaingun. In the hands of a recruit, this weapon is formidable. In the hands of a master, imps will be crapping their pants.

Previously, the machinegun was an under-used long range weapon. Due to a large upgrade, the machinegun is now a deadly medium range gun. More accurate than the chaingun, it is best used at long-medium range where its accuracy is beneficial.

Plasma Thrower:
Basically a massively overhauled flamethrower, the plasma thrower spews out blue plasma flames at an insane rate. One of the most powerful close range weapons, anything that approaches the wielder ends up a charred husk. This weapon replaces the original plasma gun.

Plasma Sniper:
This useful weapon uses a charging system similar to the bfg's. A quick blast can take care of weak enemies, while a fully charged headshot can bring down a hellknight. The rate of fire, however, is quite slow. The plasma sniper is outfitted with a more powerful scope than other weapons and consequently has a more powerful zooming capability.

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4. Proving Grounds - Levels

You have the skills. You have the guns. You *will* get your ass kicked. LMS levels are all about facing off against swarms of the ugliest motherf*ckers this side of Predator. Fast paced, intense, insane - LMS levels are all this. Far more similar to classic doom1 and doom2 levels than id's doom3 levels, most involve running and gunning like no other.

These levels are all played through LMS Mod, though Kaiser's are listed as SP Coop due to development reasons.

Hangar Incursion
Omega Anomaly
Tlab Complex
Refueling Station
Sigma Quadrant
Bunker Redux

Fortified Complex
Radio Tower

Chambers of Misery
Human Disposal
Commando Attack
Locked In
Loading Dock
Ancient Ruins

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5. Cooperative Multiplayer

5.1 Overview
Co-op is an integral part of the LMS experience - players are able to play LMS with their friends at LAN parties or over the internet with doomers from all over the world. Single player and Resurrection of Evil co-op are both supported in this release; the single player and RoE maps have been graciously modified by Hobbes to work better in co-op.

5.2 Performance Suggestions
If you are getting a lot of lag there are a few things you can do to improve gameplay.

1) Turn off shadows (under advanced in options -> system)
2) Lower the doom 3 video quality level in options -> system
3) Defrag your hard drive
4) Make sure you have no Uploads/Downloads active
5) Shutdown background applications
6) Play on servers geographically close to you

5.3 Server Setup
For most people, creating a server via the menu is sufficient. If you want to do it manually please see the Mappers Guide.
Also you should have port 27666 open to host a server, both tcp and udp to be safe.

A. Listen Server:
This server type is where you are both the server and client at the same time.

B. Dedicated Server:
This server type creates a standalone server that you must join as a client.

C. LMS Custom Console Commands:
Note: For a full list of the Doom 3 Console commands look at Complete_cvars_and_commands_list.txt

*si_skill is the skill at which the game runs. 0 is the easiest setting while 3 is the hardest. EDIT - LMS Alucard says 4 and 5 were added in 4.0
*lms_hardcore if set to 1 then hardcore mode is enabled on the next map change/restart. Setting it to 0 disables it for the next map change/restart
*lms_deathpenalty - Score penalty for dying (LMS Mod only)
*lms_iconnames - Display player names above their heads
*lms_serverSideCheatsOnly - Only the server will be able to use cheats
*lms_enablePersistantData - If enabled the players will keep weapons during map changes
*lms_volumeMusic - Music volume for LMS Mod gametype
*lms_mainmenuMusic - Main menu music on/off
*lms_servermotd - Message that will appear on players screen when they join the server
*lms_listBannedPlayers - Displays list of players banned from the server
*lms_banPlayer - Will ban a player from the server. If no time is provided the ban is permanent
*lms_removeBan - Removes a player from the banned player list
*lms_banContact - Information that will be displayed to a banned player

D. Playing SP maps in Coop
Playing single player co-op is pretty easy. Simply change the gametype from LMS Mod to SP Coop or RoE Coop in the server creation menu. You can also vote to change the gametype while playing.

E. Scoring
Playing in SP Coop or ROE Coop you will be awarded one point for each monster that you kill.
Playing in LMS Mod you are awarded a different number of points for each monster that you kill based on the type of monster.  The player at the end of the map with the highest number of points would be deemed the winner.  The points for each monster killed in the LMS Mod gametype is as follows:

monster_boss_cyberdemon 900
monster_boss_guardian 1000
monster_boss_guardian_seeker 400
monster_boss_sabaoth 1200
monster_boss_vagary 900
monster_demon_archvile 250
monster_demon_cherub 100
monster_demon_hellknight 500
monster_demon_imp 200
monster_demon_maggot 100
monster_demon_mancubus 475
monster_demon_nimp 250
monster_demon_pinky 300
monster_demon_revenant 450
monster_demon_sarge 1200
monster_demon_smaggot 300
monster_demon_spectre 300
monster_demon_tick 75
monster_demon_trite 50
monster_demon_wraith 255
monster_flying_cacodemon 150
monster_flying_lostsoul 50
monster_zombie_bernie 50
monster_zombie_boney 50
monster_zombie_chainsaw 100
monster_zombie_commando 150
monster_zombie_commando_cgun 250
monster_zombie_fat 50
monster_zombie_maint 50
monster_zombie_morgue 75
monster_zombie_sawyer 100
monster_zsec_machinegun 125
monster_zsec_pistol 50
monster_zsec_shield 90
monster_zsec_shotgun 125

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6. Gameplay Adjustments

We have made adjustments to so that gameplay changes depending on how many people are in the server, and what difficulty the server is set at.

The info, straight from AO:
Here's a table of the damage scale which is multiplied by the damage done by player on monsters.

x: value of damage modifier 1 (value of si_skill)
y: value of damage modifier 2 (number of players)
* when x+y < 2
+ when x+y >= 2 then /2

Damage modifier:

1 player:

skill 0 1.563
skill 1 1.25
skill 2 0.8
skill 3 0.465

2 players:
skill 0 1.25
skill 1 1.0
skill 2 0.741
skill 3 0.444

3 players:
skill 0 0.8
skill 1 0.741
skill 2 0.588
skill 3 0.385

4 players:
skill 0 0.465
skill 1 0.444
skill 2 0.385
skill 3 0.286


If there's two players and si_skill is set to 0:
si_skill 0: modifier is 0.8
two players: modifier is 1.0
0.8 + 1.0 = 1.8
1.8 is less than 2, the damage modifier is therefore: 0.8 * 1.0 = 0.8
we must inverse this damage (since it's based off of damage done to players and not monsters)
inverse: 1/0.8 = 1.25
actual damage = damage * 1.25

The shoulder mounted flashlight in beta 0.1 has been replaced by infared vision. Infared allows you to see into the heat spectrum through your standard UAC helmet. Useful in dark places. Infared can be bound to a key through the options menu.

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7. Contact:

I hope you enjoy our beta and please feel free to contact us about any problems you have, whether you like it or dislike it, anything. We'd really like to hear from you. Take care.


Email: channel #lms-mod

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8. Legal:

All material in this release is not to be used in other works without the expressed written permission of the Last Man Standing team. For more information please consult the included license.

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