Singleplayer Standalone Map by Kaiser named Refueling Base!

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PostPosted: Fri May 06, 2005 9:00 pm    Post subject: Singleplayer Standalone Map by Kaiser named Refueling Base! Reply with quote

Kaiser, a member of Last Man Standing Coop, has created a single player standalone Doom 3 Map named Refueling Base.
Check out the screens!
It can be downloaded here at:
You can direct comments to his e-mail which is listed
in the readme file.

According to him: "The Refueling Station supplies fuel and other valuable materials for Alpha Lab's Hydrocon and the Monorail. Waste products from Recycling Sector 2 are also transfered here for conversion into valuable materials such as fuel and plasma. You are a lone marine who survived the attack and now looking for a way to escape the UAC complex. After your battle though the T-Lab complex you made your way into the Refueling Station only to find out that once again you are not alone.

My second released map for Doom3. Its a little better than that I had in my previous map (no multible themes, bad ammo placement etc). This is the second chapter of the lone marine and his battle to escape UAC. While the other marine is making his way to the Delta Labs, you are making your way to the hangar where its your ticket to get out of the complex. I am constantly seeking improvment, if there are any tips or anything that you think would need improvment, please email me.

This map isn't for everyone. The theme of this map is non-stop killing and those who never played the oringinal Doom games may not feel right at home here. I've done everything I can to balance everything to make the gameplay enjoyable. Many beta testers have played this map and most of them never had any problems with the gameplay. Again there are some really huge fights in the end of this map and some may find it too difficult, even though there are plenty of items to keep the gameplay fair. I really suggest starting on the lowest difficulty setting when first playing this map."

So give it shot and check it out! I hope you enjoy it!! Take care.
-calimer channel #lms-mod
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