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PostPosted: Sun Mar 26, 2006 7:07 pm    Post subject: GDC Days Three - Six Calimer Summary Reply with quote

Well I missed posting about the last three days (Awards show night and on) so I'm going to try to sum it up. I'm sure some of you are wondering why there wasn't any posts. Well I can sum it up in one word, partying!

Wednesday was absolutely crazy!! We demoed from 1pm-5pm and started off with about 40 flyers and they were handed out like hotcakes! After that we went to the VIP party at 5:30 and got to chill with some really cool people. God Of War and Shadow of the Colossus were right behind us!! I was debating getting a little drinky drink but then realized I might get too drunk and make no sense when it was time for award.

So at 6:30 the awards show started and I was getting nervous as hell! But we ended up winning the award and I got up and howled like a mad man! Then I ran up on stage with the team behind me and gave my acceptance speech and ended it with an even louder howl and arms thrown up in the air as you can see here:

So that was really cool and after the IGF awards there was the game developers awards for best game of the year. Shadow of the Colossus kicked some major ass racking up almost all the awards. There were also some really cool people who helped present like Gabe Newell and Lord British!! After the awards we mingled a bit and bluewolf brought me over to the MTV camera crew!! We made plans for them to visit the booth on the next day to do an interview. After the party we went to Ordinary Joes, our main eating spot, and had a celebration dinner. After that we headed back to the hotel and I went to bed, it had been a long day! I forgot to mention that earlier in the day I went to the PS3 keynote and building a better battlestar keynote. Both were quite cool!

On Thursday we were demoing from 9am to 1pm and were prepared with more flyers this time. It was quite crazy and at the end of it is when we did the interview with mtv! I'll be posting the video (and the IGF awards video and other videos) when they make their way to me. I can't remember everything that I did in the afternoon, but part of it was talking to the Dystopia team member who was there and to Gabe Newell when he stopped by the booth. Also the Red Orchestra crew stopped over and I chatted with them for a bit too. Some local people that I know from the game company 1st Playable stopped over and told me about a party that was at 6:30pm and invited me. So we left and went to that party and it was really cool. It was an alumni party for RPI, a college party near me, so trying to get in was an interesting experience indeed. There were some really cool people there including the CEO of vicarious visions (they did doom 3 for Xbox among other things) and I THINK the CEO of the company that makes Guildwars (Tubehead?) If he wasn't the CEO he was something else important. Toby, the head of 1st Playable was extremely nice to us and went out of our way to make sure we were taken care of. It was extremely nice and I was very honored and touched by the level of kindness. Also Ian, an artist at 1st Playable that is also basically the head of the Albany IGDA chapter was very nice as well and made sure I was taken care of as well. Toby and Ian informed me about the parties that were happening later in the evening and let me tag along with them. AO ended up going back to the hotel to bed, but I wanted to see the parties so I went along with them. We ended up at a party that had an open bar (which I took full advantage of) and also featured one of the heads of the IGDA (I forget his actual role) and Lord British!! So it was quite cool to be drinking in the presence of Lord British! I should of gone up to him and talked to him but I was forgetting my Ultima experiences. So I got home really late to say the least.

Friday we were demoing from 1-5pm so in the morning I went to some sessions about creating a design for a brand and how to start your own game company. From 1-5pm we demoed and once again we had an insane amount of activity. Red Orchestra stopped over again and their project lead even sat down for a game of Radio Tower. Also we did another TV interview which was quite exciting. After the demoing we packed up the computer and went off to another dinner at Ordinary Joes. After that AO and I went to the Gaming Music Concert where a live concert played video game music. I was luckly to get the tickets at all because when I tried to get them earlier they were sold out. But I had been handing out flyers at our LMS booth when a guy came up to me with his gf and sold me his tickets because he couldn't go to see the show because they had to leave town. He sold them to me for $20 when the tickets themselves costed $110 (for 2) so not a bad deal at all!

So anyway we went to the show and it was pretty cool. I was jealous when they had a frogger competition of 2 random people in the crowd and the prize was a really expensive gaming laptop!! The music was cool especially when the "video game pianist" came out and played final fantasy music on the piano. His fingers were flying around like crazy. Also during intermission AO to shake hands with the lead designer of unreal tournament. It was a cool experience and AO had a blast. After that we headed back to the hotel and surfed the web a bit to see what LMS stuff was being said and then headed to bed. It was past midnight and I had to get up at 5am to leave to get my flight. AO and I then talked for a bit before going to bed so I ended up getting about 2 hours of sleep or less, doh!! But it made the flight back go really fast so it wasn't too bad.

Anyway well I think that is a good summary of the events! So much happened that it is touch to capture it all. I really want to give a big thanks to Mercy and his dad, and Iten and his parents for all of their support and help when we were in some critical situations. They really came through in the clutch, thanks! Take care for now everyone and hopefully we will have the pictures up shortly for you Smile
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